How to bypass Ad-Blocker popup in any other website

So you’re browsing into one of the articles and suddenly there’s a pop-up to disable your ad-blocker, to view the content like this one :

Here’s how you can simply bypass popups without needing to disable your ad-blocker in four steps:

  • Right-click > Inspect (Opens DevTools window) or just use the command ctrl + shift + I.
  • Find all the HTML elements that block your view and remove them by pressing DEL or Backspace ⌫ key.
  • Scroll to the top of your HTML editor and click on the <body> tag.
  • Change “overflow : hidden” to “overflow : scroll” on the right in your CSS editor.
As you can see in the right top corner by default it is into overflow:hidden, just change it to overflow:scroll

Now just close the devTools window that you opened (Don’t reload the website).

That’s all Guys! Happy Unblocking..

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