How Big Data is Going to Revolutionize the Crime Prediction?


Big data is an evolving term that describes a large volume of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information that is being utilized in machine learning projects as well as other advanced analytics applications.

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How Police are using Technologies Worldwide to Predict Crimes: Big Data

In the last couple of years, Technologies is changing the way police forces are working across the globe to prevent crime at the earliest. As per the news on an average, out of every 150 people worldwide, 10–14 people are affected by crime-related activities.

Even though police forces are using data for decades, to understand crime pattern, with access to more personal data from social media websites, Biometrics, Video Cameras and more, by using big data analysis not only solves crimes more quickly but also saves substantial costs, time and the effort in crime investigation and prevention.

A popularly quite known technique termed as ‘Predictive Policing’ has been using since decades by the police departments with writing crimes data in the paper. With the advanced technologies more fast and aggregate results can predict by analyzing their past crimes and data.

Crime Pattern Prediction: The Global Scenario

Now Many major countries like (USA, UK, China) of police departments are using predictive analytics with a large set of past data to predict, detect and prevent criminal activities.

In China, the authorities are using face recognition techniques to record the faces, and several other social media websites and data are being collected. So that predictive intelligence can notify the police of a threat.

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In Chicago, the Police Department is using predictive policing and analytic tools for four years. Most of the police forces vehicles are already deployed in-cameras and body-worn cameras and offering on-demand which feed on real-time and license plate readers.

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Crime Pattern Prediction: India and New Tech

Recently, AI and Security Tech Firm Cortica formed a relationship in India to analyze data from CCTV Cameras, Facial recognition, and License plate readers to help out where crimes may take place and even more fascinating is that they are using behavioral analysis to predict if someone is about to commit a violent crime, the biotech also being used in the project.

Behavioral Analysis sample by Cortica AI

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